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CN-105418006-A: Temperature gradient controlled mass concrete for bridges patent, CN-105434051-A: 一种呼吸内科检测器具配件 patent, CN-105437900-A: Bump stopper cap patent, CN-105441210-A: Washing agent containing osmanthus-fragrans extractive patent, CN-105444514-A: Intelligent refrigerator patent, CN-105448655-A: 多孔低介电薄膜、其制作方法及包括其的层间介质层 patent, CN-105456050-A: 一种修复痘印和痘疤的冻干粉、精华液及护肤套装 patent, CN-105461768-A: 一种2-O-α-D-葡萄糖基-L-抗坏血酸的制备方法 patent, CN-105462029-A: 一种汽车保险杠用聚合物/泡沫铝复合材料及其制备工艺 patent, CN-105470215-A: 冷却异常检测系统 patent, CN-105473248-A: 柔性管体、制造其的方法以及细长带元件 patent, CN-105473550-A: Ido抑制剂 patent, CN-105484050-A: Softener for bast fiber fabric printing and dyeing patent, CN-105484833-A: Liquid jet measurement unit and control method patent, CN-105488399-A: Script virus detection method and system based on program keyword calling sequence patent, CN-105505020-A: 一种环保型仿瓷涂料及其喷涂方法 patent, CN-105509425-A: 一种种子烘干房及种子烘干方法 patent, CN-105516156-A: Register-free login method and system patent, CN-105520474-A: 一种多功能可测温伸缩餐具 patent, CN-105525623-A: Anti-sedimentation pile structure patent, CN-105539506-A: 一种车轮接触式踏面缺陷检测设备 patent, CN-105544410-A: Joining method for rigid suspension cable stiffening chord in incremental launching method construction patent, CN-105545430-A: Electrically heated catalytic converter patent, CN-105551930-A: 半导体装置的制造方法以及制造装置 patent, CN-105555123-A: 一种面向料盘的smd抽检及清点设备 patent, CN-105563871-A: Fully-surrounded block pressing machine patent, CN-105566515-A: Structure-oriented composite initiator system and acrylamide polymer and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-105568314-A: Preparation method of CuWO4/WO3 heterostructured nanosheet array film patent, CN-105575925-A: 半导体模块和具有小的爬电电流的半导体模块装置 patent, CN-105580005-A: 上下文内容翻译系统 patent, CN-105584520-A: 电动车辆的转向动力系统及其控制方法 patent, CN-105584993-A: 一种新型外置式臭氧发生器件 patent, CN-105587057-A: Hidden type curtain wall patent, CN-105593199-A: Needle retraction mechanism for autoinjector patent, CN-105595431-A: 一种子母锅式加热非燃烧烟草装置 patent, CN-105597520-A: Method used for removing peculiar smell of automobiles patent, CN-105597672-A: Preparation method of C-Si-attapulgite hydrogen sulfide removing agent applied to room-temperature water-free environment patent, CN-105603812-A: Preparation method for polylactic acid composite paper plastic package material patent, CN-105603956-A: Determination method for ultimate bearing capacity of foundation after dynamic compaction patent, CN-105631873-A: Flexible membrane rolling quality visual detection method patent, CN-105671825-A: 氨纶纱线给湿定型罐 patent, CN-105676985-A: Miniature server cluster equipment based on solar power supply patent, EP-2545890-A2: Safety mechanism for a laser treatment unit patent, CN-105680117-A: 电池组和使用电池组作为电源的装置 patent, CN-105682283-A: 一种led驱动电路 patent, CN-105688954-A: Preparation method of hydroxyapatite-coated Ag-AgBr-TiO2 catalyst patent, CN-105690657-A: Manufacturing process for color-cased clothes rack patent, CN-105692644-A: Hierarchical-porous zeolite preparation method patent, CN-105694103-A: DOPO/MMT nano-composite flame retardant and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105700111-A: Automatic focusing method and apparatus for mobile terminal and mobile terminal patent, CN-105709333-A: Acupuncture instrument based on intelligent mobile phone patent, CN-105713412-A: 一种抗辐射耐氧化电缆料护套配方的制备方法 patent, CN-105732057-A: Silica sol combined corundum castable and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105740626-A: Drug activity prediction method based on machine learning patent, CN-105741681-A: Brightness self-adapting multimedia advertising machine patent, CN-105742384-A: Halogen-doped lead chalcogenide nanometer crystal and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-105753472-A: 高储能密度的铌酸钡钾基玻璃陶瓷储能材料及制备和应用 patent, CN-105762344-A: 电极和电极材料的制备方法 patent, CN-105778498-A: Black polyimide film patent, CN-105778692-A: Matte finishing clear coat and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105789690-A: 可充镁电池及其制备方法 patent, CN-105794858-A: Farm-oriented insecticidal composition and application thereof patent, CN-105797610-A: 一种印染原料混合机 patent, CN-105819343-A: 一种铰接门式起重机 patent, CN-105819479-A: Preparation method of C12A7:e<-> electronic compound nano powder patent, CN-105820736-A: Graphene heat dissipation coating applied to LED lamps and preparation method of graphene heat dissipation coating patent, CN-105822647-A: 单旋向螺丝钉 patent, CN-105824030-A: 一种基于子孔径快门调制相位差法的稀疏光学合成孔径成像方法 patent, CN-105826470-A: 一种基于自发电功能的防雷配电柜 patent, CN-105826727-A: Welding machine ground wire clamp patent, CN-105826999-A: Wireless charging system and control method thereof patent, CN-105845394-A: 能够加固针脚的组装式高频变压器骨架 patent, CN-105846614-A: 防水电机制造方法 patent, CN-105854337-A: 一种多点控温结晶釜 patent, CN-105861170-A: Water expelling type automobile windscreen cleaning agent and preparation method patent, CN-105868611-A: Biological-information authentication method and device and mobile terminal patent, CN-105888662-A: Frame device of rock splitter patent, CN-105891350-A: Method for rapidly detecting content of basic group in food patent, CN-105904659-A: Feeding mechanism for insulating frame injection mold patent, CN-105914401-A: 一种电解液以及包含该电解液的锂离子电池 patent, CN-105918126-A: 掌叶覆盆子脱毒种苗的离体快繁方法 patent, CN-105925045-A: Anti-rusting and anticorrosive paint for steel and iron and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105934024-A: Apparatus for controlling illumination of road guardrail based on luminance compensation patent, CN-105944794-A: Large multi-functional grain grinder based on industrial production patent, CN-105946273-A: Tablet machine and full-automatic slag producing machine patent, CN-105967214-A: Method for preparing spherical nanometer calcium carbonate patent, CN-105971476-A: Fire door monitoring warner patent, CN-105978285-A: Hub driving motor with tangential and radial synthesis magnetic field of electromobile patent, CN-105991199-A: Mobile terminal testing apparatus and cell use method for use in the same patent, CN-106004112-A: Novel intelligent printer device patent, CN-106008942-A: 咪唑基阴离子染料可染型改性共聚酯母粒及其制备和应用 patent, CN-106024499-A: Side line outgoing type vacuum post terminal and handcart type side-mounted circuit breaker patent, CN-106025938-A: Track transportation electric appliance line installing hole position threading apparatus patent, CN-106026327-A: 充电装置、充电方法、电源适配器和终端 patent, CN-106033980-A: 无线通信方法及无线通信装置 patent, CN-106039783-A: 无动力全尾砂浓缩脱水装置 patent, CN-106054192-A: Automobile crashproof millimeter wave radar system patent, CN-106058032-A: Element semiconductor thermoelectric material with high thermoelectric performance and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106063196-A: 通信装置及方法 patent, CN-106088149-A: Rapid mechanized construction method of prefabricated assembly type underground corridor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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